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Season 1

Episode 1 - Doctor

Whilst playing Playstation and Xbox, Chris asks Josh a simple question - What are you up to tomorrow? The answer isn't exactly what Chris was expecting.


Episode 2 - Law

Chris is fed up with slacking. He's looking to further educate himself - but his chosen course of action seems like the easy way out according to Josh.


Episode 3 - Benched

The boys goes to the park for an afternoon. However, when Josh is left waiting for Chris he gets rather worked up.


Episode 4 - Homeless

Chris and Josh run into a homeless man who lives near them in the park - their eyes are opened to the hard life that is living on the streets.


Episode 5 - Sick

Chris is sick in bed, so Josh tries to make him feel better.

Episode 6 - Backpacker

The boys decide to take in an English backpacker, as they think it's the nice thing to do.

Episode 7 - Friends

When Chris and Josh bump into a lonely guy on the street, things turn out a little differently than expected.


Episode 8 - Viral

Josh has internet fame in his sights - he wants to create a viral video that will be viewed by millions of people. He just needs a good idea...


Episode 9 - Mother

It's Chris's Mum's birthday. So Chris spends the day with her to celebrate and also catch up. Then she meets Josh...


Episode 10 - Party

The boys decide to host a dress up party. Enough said.


Episode 11 - Twins

When the xbox controller runs out of batteries, Josh asks for help... but who comes to the rescue?


Episode 12 - News

Josh has some exciting news... what could it be?


Episode 13 - Movie

Josh's girlfriend Laura is over watching a movie. Chris doesn't seem to pleased about this. At all.


Episode 14 - Surveillance

Josh wants to break up with his girlfriend Laura. So he and Chris set out to do so, the only way they know how.


Episode 15 - Acting

Chris & Josh decide to audition for the Howard Fine Acting Studio - for Howard himself.


Episode 16 - Busy

After a big year, Chris & Josh remember the adventures they had. In show-stopping style.